Meet Our Farm Animals

Our animals at Yule Forest is one of our customer’s favorite feature! These little buddies are part of the Yule Forest family! Just like most families, our family grows every year. We’re always adopting and nurturing new fur-babies! You can see a few of our furry family members below. Make sure to plan a visit to come see them in October for the pumpkin patch or on the weekends during the Christmas tree season!



King of the barnyard, is what my name should really be.  I keep all the animals safe as I watch over them day and night.  I love being in the barnyard, there are so many different animals that I am friends with and can play with.  My favorite game is Chicken bowling, although Mrs. Susie doesn’t like that so much, the chickens have fun too!  My best friend is Angel.  She was so little when she came to the farm that I immediately took her under my big paw to look after her.  I love big scratches behind the ear and a good dog bone to chew one.  I’m the best guard dog at night, as I have the best job in the world of taking care of my friends.




My name is Annabelle and I have the prettiest eyes and face of all the animals in the barnyard.  I keep myself beautiful and as clean as possible so that I always look my best. My job on the farm is to let Mrs. Susie know when it is time to feed us!  I usually let out a big MOOOOOOO and

everyone else comes running to the trough when she comes out of her house.  I love head scratches, but don’t mess my hair up too much, I work hard to look this good. I am a big sweet heart and love hanging out with my buddies Pumpkin and Tater, they are such comedians!  Most of

the time I like to practice swishing my tail and eating hay with Chloe.




Hi, I’m Sylvester and I’m a cool cat. Except I’m not a cat, I’m an emu! Here on the farm I run the show. I chase the chickens when they get out of line. I’m the oldest animal on the farm which makes me one of Mrs. Susie’s favorite.


Spice and Image


My name is Spice and I like to hang out with my daughter, Image! I would have to say that she got her good looks from me.  I like to eat my hay and grass all day while she likes to run around and go exploring.  Image likes to prance around in the morning and swish her long tail, but she never wanders far from me